Old PC’s, New NPC’s

April 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

One of my favorite moments from any D&D campaign, was when I found out that the old party from the Chaos War and Journey Home Campaigns…were going to ascend into Gods when we began to play 4e.

I couldn’t wait to play a cleric of my old cleric, Tillonicas. Or a holy paladin of Aaric the Ghost Dog, this would be the group I’d played since I was nine or ten. Needless to say, massive amounts of story there.

At the end of the Chaos War there was a titanic Final Battle(Isn’t there always?). It was the major invasion of the Chaos Hordes, our armies were outnumbered hundreds to one.  The battle itself was roleplayed.

We lead the armies of reality in defense of all that Was, and the hordes of Chaos came on and on endlessly. The PC’s essentially ascended in different ways DURING the battle, it was quite climactic.

That’s a story mostly for another time however. What struck me as so cool was that our characters wouldn’t just be disappearing after we stopped playing them. They’d be a very important part of the new world after the chaos war. They were going to become important NPC’s.

The people at Dungeon’s Master definitely have it right, Old PC’s provide a great opportunity to be incorporated as plot devices. In our own Unchaining campaign the PC’s are trying to free the character’s from the Chaos War, whom are now Elder Gods that were bound by various organizations.

Anyways, it’s a nice little trick to think of when a player discards their old character or things phase through. In 4e there is even the definite possibility of them returning in some form as a Revenant.


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