Greatest Moments in Gaming

May 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

When I took a look at this I admit I was hit with a bit of nostalgia, so decided to catalogue twenty of my favorite moments in playing D & D.

1.  Watching my six year old sister learn how to play and roll three successive criticals on an ogre that killed her best friend NPC Sarge. She was playing a level 2 Elf Fighter princess…

2. Feeding my enemies to conveniently present, morally ambigous mercenary Gnolls.

3. Torture being unquestionably okay. The party just sending the Paladin out for lunch….and therefore sending that Paladin out to lunch becoming a terrifying interrogation tactic.

4. Did she just  jump over the magma filled gorge?

5. I ATTACKKK!….then take a five foot step back…

6. Charging being the primary tactical maneuver

7.  This resulting in three PC’s (Fighter/Ranger/Paladin) charging a legion of enemy soldiers….and miraculously managing to turn it into a victory (Mostly on accident)

8. “We just killed two dragons in a ROW…do you really want to pick a fight?”

9.  Wait…does the dragon jump out and SAY Rawr?

10. Getting to say “I told you so” When the too-good-to-be-true NPC Paladin went evil, tossed his friends off a tower in hell and made off with a Devil.

11. Shoving the Orphan we adopted into a bag of holding to keep him safe.

12. The look on the GM’s face when our wizard rolled all  5’s and 6’s on fireballs.

13. The warlord getting a sun-blade and making lightsaber sound effects on criticals. That and dispensing Jedi-Like Wisdom

14. Realizing the party had an average wisdom 10. It explained a LOT about us.

15. “MY wishes ARE changes Jerk! WISH!!!!” – Wizard Quote

16. Playing a pyromaniacal wizard in a metropolis.

17. “It’s a dark room. Your lights don’t penetrate”…We -“Fireball | Firestorm |  throw our fireball bead ins | shoot- it”

18. Dragon rolling a 1 on his save against Destruction…bye bye Dragon.

19. Keeping a kill tally. Where every character has different criterion…and whom all appear in vastly different ranks…even though we know the Wizard has massively more…since he’s killed every minion but three. Do minions count?

20. Realizing that to write out our campaigns in book form would take about thirty different books. The years add up.


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